Daisy-chain Sync 40: protocol specs

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Daisy-chain Sync 40: protocol specs

It is possible to use two Sync speakerphones with a Bluetooth-paired mobile device. In this case the two Sync 40 are linked together in a daisy chain via a wireless connection.


Does anyone know how the devices are linked internally? I assume it is accomplished via a Bluetooth connection as well. Our customer with high certification standards asks about the specifics of the wireless connection as well as the Bluetooth version that might be used for the daisy-chain.

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Re: Daisy-chain Sync 40: protocol specs

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The information you are seeking is not listed in product data sheet or user manual. If you really need this information then please contact our support helpline and raise a support ticket so that concerned team can look into this and see if this request can be accommodated since troubleshooting or providing support via the community is outside the scope for myself as an Poly employee.


You can raise support ticket by sending email to : headset.helpline@poly.com

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