"Unreachable" for all Mobile Devices

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"Unreachable" for all Mobile Devices

Hi there i am currently trying to troubleshoot why mobile devices with the mobile Real Presence Applcation cannot connect to our DMZ'd HDX7000, From the HDX7000 i can successfully connect and receive connections from other systems external to our Wide Area Lan. If i connect a smartphone/tablet to the internal wifi it successfully connects from the Real Presence Application.


Every time i try to connect from a Mobile device externally i get prompted promptly "Unreachable"


The following are the current ports that are open on the public facing IP address which is statically assigned to an internal ip address for the HDX7000.


Public IP




3230 - 3285




3230 - 3285


Am i missing something?




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Re: "Unreachable" for all Mobile Devices

You might want to talk to your cell provider and let them know what you are having issues with.  When I first received my new cell phone (on Verizon) a few months back I could not connect to the Polycom Test systems (located at link below) and was getting the same/similar error.  I called my provider and they fixed it for me.  Just like your corporate network, they have internal and external addresses as well and try to limit the amount of external addresses. 


To make sure it is not your codec, try calling from the outside to a couple of the sites in the below link.  I just tested with the 200 and 205 system fine on the Verizon Cell network. 


Polycom Test Systems

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Re: "Unreachable" for all Mobile Devices

I'm having the same issue but I am able to connect to the test IPs. Another user was able to connect to the IP that I am trying to connect to with no problem.

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