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help with mobile app



I'm experiencing what seems, to me, to be a rather odd problem when using the Mobile App on an iPad Air and would be grateful on any advice as to how to resolve this.

Specifically, when using the mobile app explainer video in multi screen mode, all is well. However, when I tap on a picture to bring up the camera in full screen, a static pixelated image appears on the screen (presumably the low res picture from the multi screen view) for between 10 and 15 seconds before the hi resolution camera image is displayed. The picture then keeps up to date fine BUT (based on the timecode on the image) remains approximately 10 to 15 seconds behind real time! 

Any idea as to why this problem is occuring and, more importantly, how to resolve it?


Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Karthik  Sivaram
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Re: help with mobile app

I am not sure how this question is related to Polycom :)
The mobile app seems to be a third party app . All can I suggest that on a mobile phone there is a limit for the quality of the video that you can send/receive. These limits are set by your carrier and vary from one carrier to another.
Also a wireless network ( which itself is an unreliable medium ) there a number of factors that influence the video quality on a mobile phone.

Have you tried contacting the mobile app company for their recommendations/specifications to run this app ?

In case, that is not possible you choose a different tool or app to do same function.

Hope this helps!

Karthik Sivaram

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