Realpresence No Audio and No sounde

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Realpresence No Audio and No sounde

Hi All, 

Good day!


We are using realpresence app on ourside but we are having some issue, Please see the below details


On our side: No video and audio

On Dialed no side: Video and Audio is working.


We are using Palo Alto firewall and we have configured the ff.


1. Nat translation from specific private ip to public ip. (Translation is working)

2. Policy from inside any to destication any srv any allowed

3. policy from outside x.x.x.x to inside publicip srv any allowed


Palo Alto ALGs - Disabled on ourside


If we have this NAT traversal issues in VoIP communications how can we solve this?

Based on my research possible that the outside address of the packet get translated, not the inside contents.


Do we need to configure anything on the app setting like gateway keeper or something?


I know this issue is like a redundant question but i need to resolve this one.


thank you and Regards,


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