RealPresence for iPhone/iPad with VSX 7000A (128)

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RealPresence for iPhone/iPad with VSX 7000A (128)

Hi folks,


I've downloaded the app on my iPad/iPhone to test with the VSX 7000A (128) device.


Initially it has worked fine, however I realized I could not make it work with audio/video with more than 1 connected


I mean, the iPhone connects to VSX7000A(128) and both can see each other and when iPad joins to the conference the VSX begins the screen division but goes back to the original one-to-one conference, but both of three can hear each other... VSX7000A can see the first one connected (iPhone), iPhone can only hear and the video freezes(can not keep seeing VSX) and iPad only hears the others with a blue screen with a speaker printed on screen.


Does anyone know how we can make it work as I've seen PDFs about the app with the iPhone divided in 4 squares with one person each.


Obs. My VSX 7000A (128) supports up to 3 people.

Using PVX Software(PC Version) it worked perfectly dividing both screens (VSX and computer) and everybody sees everybody, so I suppose it is something I am not knowing how to do.


I appreciate if somebody helps me with that.






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Re: RealPresence for iPhone/iPad with VSX 7000A (128)



Sorry know one has responded yet. 


What you are seeing is working as designed.  The VSX7000 series (and also VSX 3000 series) can host Multipoint (MP) video calls but do not support H.264 video coding(More info on H.264) when hosting the MP call.  When a VSX7000 or 3000 connect to the first connection it will establish the call at H.264.  Once another call is added to make it an MP call the VSX 7000 (or 3000) will drop the video coding to H.263 or even H.261 depending on the other endpoints capabilities.  The RealPresence Mobile products only support H.264 when sending video. 


If you had a VSX8000 you could get this to work for you.  The VSX8000 does support H.264 MP hosted calls. 


The PDF you have seen that shows the multipoint call divided into 4 squares could have been that the RealPresence Mobile users were dialing into a VSX8000, HDX, RealPresence Group 500 or 700 and or a Video Bridge. 


I hope this helps. 



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