RealPresence NAT problems

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RealPresence NAT problems



I currently have a customer with 3 Polycom HDX 7000 video conferencing systems.  The HDX 7000 are al configured behind firewall with properly configured port forward for H.323 traffic from the public IP interface.


All 3 systems are working fine between them  (using public IP addresses) and when using RealPresence on Android or iOS if they are connected through cellular network (3G/4G) which gives them a public IP address or properly handled NAT.


If I try to connect with my iPhone to a video conference using H.323 on any of the HDX7000 systems (for example) on my home network behind a consumer WiFi router donig NAT, there is no video/audio coming from the HDX system due to the HDX trying to send traffic to the Mobile private IP address on home/office network.


What can be done to properly handle NAT when connecting with Mobile RealPresence under a home/office network behind standard NAT (NAT without outgoing restrictions).


Will GNUGK H.323 proxy/router gatekeeper be the solution ? How to configure it ? Should it be insatlled insde the same private network as the mobile device to handle NAT or can it be located with a public IP address ?


Any help is greatly appreciated.





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Re: RealPresence NAT problems

There are a few different ways to address the issue you are having. 


The easiest approach, from the point of view of the person trying to place the calls, is to have RealPresence Mobile "sign in" to a RealPresence Platform environment.  By signing in to the RealPresence Platform, RealPresence Mobile would be automatically provisioned and configured, and would likely have access to RealPresence Access Director (or a similar component).  RealPresence Access Director would help to fix up the signaling with the proper IP address (local vs. public), as well as helping with other NAT/FIrewall traversal issues.  This should enable you to place calls within your own home/SOHO LAN, to people on separate home/SOHO LANs (if they are also signed in), to people on the public internet, and to people behind your company's firewall.


If you are not signing in to the RealPresence Platform, then RPM will need some help with firewall issues from something else.   A component that acts as an ALG (Application Layer Gateway) or a SBC (Session Border Controller) could help solve this problem.  I believe that GnuGK does provide some NAT traversal options.  Its documentation says that it includes support for H.460.18 and H.460.19, which RealPresence Mobile also supports.  I'm afraid I can't help you with the specifics of how to set GnuGK itself up.  You would likely want to go into RealPresence Mobile's configuration options to register it to the GnuGk.


I realize this response was delayed quite a bit from when you asked your question.  I hope that it helps some.

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Re: RealPresence NAT problems

Is there any roadmap on NAT option for RealPresence Mobile?

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