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RealPresence Desktop

i would like try a trial Version of Polycom RealPresence, after install i need put activation code or thios program will be close...

How can i start trial without S/N (Windows 8.1, 64bit).



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Re: RealPresence Desktop



If you have a trial version inferior to 30 days, you can ignore the opening of session and use it until 30 days.   

After, you must active it with an activation key or register it, on a Ressource Manager.  



I hope to answet your question.

Sylvain D.

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Re: RealPresence Desktop

I have used the trail version. I went ahead and purchased the product but when I open it back up. It does not let me put in the key code. I have un installed it and re-installed it and I get the same screen. I'm running Windows 8.1 I have attached the only screen it shows me

Louis Martin
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