RPD 2.3 and NAT/ì and/or firewall issue

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RPD 2.3 and NAT/ì and/or firewall issue

Hi there

I have RPD behind a D-Link firewall. RDP has private IP address, NAT is configured with ISP facing interface IP address for all outgoing traffic. Specific IP forwarding rules are configured to allow incoming tcp/1720, tcp/3230-3285 and udp/3230-3285.

Video and audio all fine, I can place and receive calls.

I have in an issue with content. I can always send content from my PC (both when called or when I place calls).

Content is never displayed when remote party send content.

I see Content Rx chanel set up with H.264 protocol at 256 kbps, buth then nothing is actually displayed.


Moving my RDP PC on a subnet directly connected to the ISP line, configuring the public IP address on the PC and all works fine.


It must be something related to NAT or firewall rules but I don't understand what's wrong with my setup.


Thanks for your help.



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Re: RPD 2.3 and NAT/ì and/or firewall issue

Hi Andrea,


This document can help you. It's so old, but I believe that is right.


A user with a PC on the WAN-side of a V2IU wants to push content using People+Content IP to a VSX or HDX endpoint on the LAN-side of a V2IU.
The following NAT statements are needed in the V2IU if the V2IU is the default route to the internet for the VSX/HDX codec. If another device is the default route to the internet, the NAT statements are needed on that device.

Assuming a WAN-IP address of on the V2IU, and LAN-IP of on the codec, and knowing that P+C IP requires TCP 5001 and UDP 5001, the example V2IU NAT statements required to achieve functionality are:





Only one codec at a time can be utilized with P+C IP through a firewall as there no way to specify in the P+C IP application or codec what ports are to be used – port 5001 is hard-coded into the current software builds of P+C IP and endpoints.
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Re: RPD 2.3 and NAT/ì and/or firewall issue

Hi Andrea


take a look on incoming ports in the RPD Release Notes. here

tcp inbound ports are different from yours.


try to change a firewall's config, but I'm not sure, that it will solve a problem.



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Re: RPD 2.3 and NAT/ì and/or firewall issue

Not sure if you are still having an issue but will add something to try. 


In reading  your post you mentioned you have "incoming tcp/1720, tcp/3230-3285 and udp/3230-3285" configured. 


Do you have outbound rules configured as well?  In reading the release notes (here ) I have setup some rules within my home NetGear router that are the following.



TCP 1720

TCP 3230-3329 - (you have 3230-3285)

UDP 3230-3237

SIP - 5060



TCP 1720

TCP 3230-3329

UDP 3230-3237

SIP 5060

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Glenn Davis

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Re: RPD 2.3 and NAT/ì and/or firewall issue

I moved to RPD 3.0. The rest of the setup is the same: RPD on private network, behind a NAT/firewall router, with NAT-T with public IP address on WAN interface and inbound IP forwarding rules as follows:







The problem is still there: content rx seems to well negotiated but content is actually not displayed.


Any advice?



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