RP mobile as a standalone H323 device

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RP mobile as a standalone H323 device

Hello Community,


I would like to know how mobile works as a standalone device.

To be more specific,i have set up a RPG500 with NAT and port forward,i can make/receive calls to this device from other RPG's.


But when i try to call this public IP address from the mobile app it is really confusing.

I use mobile data and the call is dropped,i call later again with data and it works.


The same happens using Wi-Fi,i have noticed that i can call the device but when i join to another WiFi the call is dropped.


It is really strange,i can not find out how this pattern works.


Any ideas?


Keep in mind that there is not a port forward/firewall issue,i have double checked it.


The issue is only how the app should work.


Best Regards,

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Re: RP mobile as a standalone H323 device

I would recommend testing to a 3rd party like:



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Re: RP mobile as a standalone H323 device

Geia sou Sotiri,

with a mobile internet connection it will not work properly if you are not registered to a H.323 gatekeeper or RPP unless you have a SIM card with a public IP.

In many countries like in Cyprus where I am the mobile operators use CGN (carrier grade NAT) and thousands of phones share one public IP.

Same applies to WiFi router's NAT capabilities, e.g. on my FRITZ!Box at home it works fine (just tested with the 3rd party IPs above), on other routers it may not work.

I recommend using a VPN connection to your corporate network from your mobile.



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Re: RP mobile as a standalone H323 device

I have the app in Google it will not download what do I do it says not valid fortis phone

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