Provisioned Mobile client over 3G/WiFi

Mohamad Jahmi
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Provisioned Mobile client over 3G/WiFi



The mobile clients are running the latest software in addition to the infrastrcure (DMA, RPRM, RPAD,RMX). External clients provisioned correctly through 3G network (Presense, Directroy, GK registeration) and they can receive calls but unable to dial-out to registered endpoint, VMR or even provisioned clients on 3G network. I lookup the logs on DMA, all I can see is disengae request/confirmation.


the same setup work for Desktop client, they can dial out and receive calls although both desktop/mobile provisioned by the same provisioning profile setup in RPRM.


if mobile client is unregistered, then i can dial out and reach other registered endpoints via 3G/Wifi.



if am connecting desktop client using the personal hotspot of my mobile, then i will be able to place calls via 3G but not from mobile client where both have the same IP address range and same public IP address by ISP !! thats really strange !


let me know if you face this issue before and how we can fix this up.




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