No Video on iPhone

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No Video on iPhone

Hi there,


When I use my iPhone to connect the Group 500, the call did get through every time. However, I can't see any video or voice from my iPhone, only default blue screen from my iPhone. My iPad works great with the same Group 500 from the same WiFi network. Any idea?





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Re: No Video on iPhone

Hello jonathanjiang,


This should work.  Could you please provide more details on the call? 


I just tested with my RealPresence Mobile (RPM) for iPhone dialing into numerous RealPresence Group Series systems on different software revisions and was able to see and hear video and audio in both directions.  All devices are within the same LAN. 


Couple of questions for clarity

1- Are you using the basic or professional mode RPM? 

2- When connected what are the call statistics showing?

- Once call is connected on RPM app tap the network icon in lower left corner. What transmit/receive speed and video algorithms are displayed

3- What versions of software are you running on the GS and iPhone

4- Are you sure you are using the WiFi on your iPhone and not the 3/4g network? 

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Re: No Video on iPhone

Hello All


I am facing the same issue when calling from Mobile Apps using 3G/4G network. Connecting to wifi i do not have any issue with video and audio.