Trio 8800 - RealConnect - Join meeting not user real connect service

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Trio 8800 - RealConnect - Join meeting not user real connect service

Hi guys,


today I'm configuring a Trio 8800 with RealConnect to enable Teams meetings with Video. I've configured the device in Hybrid mode since we have a Visual+

Trio is updated to fw (I've blocked the update) and I've uploaded the following configurations since we have to use the line 3 for Teams Meeting


<ALL reg.limit="3" dialplan.digitmap.lineSwitching.enable="1" call.autoOffHook.3.contact="827178155@t.plcm.vc" call.autoOffHook.3.enabled="1" dialplan.3.applyToDirectoryDial="1" dialplan.3.digitmap="^.+@t\.plcm\.vc$" dialplan.3.digitmap.timeOut="4" dialplan.3.digitmap.mode="regex" reg.3.address="Trio" reg.3.keepalive.sessionTimers="1" reg.3.label="Teams Meeting" reg.3.server.1.address="t.plcm.vc" reg.3.server.1.register="0" reg.3.server.1.transport="TCPpreferred" reg.3.srtp.offer="1" exchange.meeting.realConnectProcessing.teams.enabled="1" exchange.meeting.realConnectProcessing.outboundRegistration="3" call.teluri.showPrompt="0" />

On O365 the Teams settings is to ISLAND mode. I've tryied to change one user and the meeting room account (used on Trio) to Teams Only but when I join a meeting from calendar it start Audioconferencing mode and not the Real Connect Service.


Moreover, it's possible to enable autologin of user when Trio 8800 startup?


Thanks in advance for your support


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Re: Trio 8800 - RealConnect - Join meeting not user real connect service

At a glance, your configuration looks good.  Assuming that you can press the 'line key' and go right into the RealConnect Lobby successfully, then the most common cause of this is that the meeting room account you are using has an Exchange Mailbox rule turned on that removes the meeting body/Notes from the invitation.  

Trio actually scrapes the body of the invitation to get the RealConnect meeting information. Video Interop Information is not embedded into the headers like the Teams Meeting information is, which is why a device in this situation can join the audio conferencing side, but still fail to join RealConnect.

Likely, if you would log into the same trio with your own account you would likely see that it is actually working to join from the calendar.

Check to see what the calendar processing for the meeting room account in question looks like:


Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity <MailboxIdParameter> -deletecomments $false -deletesubject $false

Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/exchange/set-calendarprocessing?view=exchange-ps

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