Trio 8500 & VisualPro: RealConnect for Teams video stream freezes

Trio 8500 & VisualPro: RealConnect for Teams video stream freezes

We have a "RealConnect for Teams" -trial currently running with our Trio 8500 units (paired with VisualPro) which should enable video for our Teams meetings.
We have the Trio units custom configured in Teams / S4B hybrid mode on top of the "Skype 4 Business" -base profile. Our global admin also enabled the "RealConnect" service for our tenant and has assigned custom "Teams Policy" for our end-users. (Custom policy is required to populate additional custom "realconnect meeting info" to their Teams online meeting invitations, this information is needed by the Trio 8500 client to connect to RealConnect automatically.) So Teams is now configured on the Trio´s SIP Line 2 and seems to be connecting to the "RealConnect" service.
However, in our testing the video stream was mostly freezing, and basically unusable since it lasted only for few seconds. When connecting to the meeting via Trio we could see the webcam stream on the receiving end only for couple of seconds before freezing. This happened most of the time, and was occasionally fixed by re-connecting enough times to the online meeting (either from the Trio or from another computer participating in the test meeting receiving the video stream.) Anyone else had this type of issue?
When I tested streaming video to a S4B meeting it was smooth, no problem, so it seems to be issue with RealConnect service or the Trio configuration?
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Re: Trio 8500 & VisualPro: RealConnect for Teams video stream freezes

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Re: Trio 8500 & VisualPro: RealConnect for Teams video stream freezes

It sounds like it could also be a firewall issue.

Making some assumptions about your environment. I'd assume S4B calls are connecting as a native S4B device therefore using Microsoft's audio/video and firewall traversal protocols. When you dial Teams you must be dialing a SIP call which uses openSIP standards. In theory you could test your unit by dialing a SIP video call into some other video platform and see if the same thing happens.


I'm also happy to dial one of my endpoints into a Teams call on your Tenant to verify that the setup was completed correctly.


In general it can also be helpful to check the Poly status portal to see if there are any on-going service issues:


Michael J. Levesque, PCVE
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Re: Trio 8500 & VisualPro: RealConnect for Teams video stream freezes

Hi, we have exactly the same issue. were you able to resolve this?

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Re: Trio 8500 & VisualPro: RealConnect for Teams video stream freezes

We will do some further testing to make sure the configuration for RealConnect bridging is correct.

Also, will need to make sure firmware is up to date. (If this does not help we need to check if it is something to do without or firewall settings.)


I´ll keep you updated.

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Re: Trio 8500 & VisualPro: RealConnect for Teams video stream freezes

Not sure how you got on with this or if you found a resolution? We had a small amount of success by lowering the MTU to the minimum 800 (Settings > Network > MTU). One to one calls were acceptable but we still had intermittent freezing on multiple user calls. Not the complete freeze as before but probably not releasable to the users.

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Re: Trio 8500 & VisualPro: RealConnect for Teams video stream freezes

After testing and going through the setup with our Trio 8500 a specialist from the company that imports Polycom to our vendor believed the realconnect service and the trial license might not be properly associated with our O365 tenant yet. The reason being that everything else in our configuration seemed to be as it should and when entering the VTC Conference ID (which is generated now as additional info to my Teams meeting invitations) it is said to be "invalid" by the service voice. And when I check the realconnect reports in the polycom cloud console it says "Meeting lookup unauthorized". So everything looked as it is supposed to look configuration-wise on our end. We are now checking with polycom support to make sure of this.


And basically now when we have clicked on the "join" button via the Trio 8500 calendar it has not actually been connecting via the realconnect service. It has been connecting through the fall-back method where the Trio is "reading the embedded Skype Meeting URL in the Teams invite" and "which leverages the SfBO registered line and traverses the 3PIP gateway into Teams which only support audio, hence the video problems." as described here in a comment reply from the blog writer Jeff Schertz: )


This is the setup we have now tested. The "hybrid mode" from here "Poly Trio with Microsoft Teams":


I also checked an confimed that when the Trio 8500 is configured in the the basic "Skype For Business" -mode (without any additional configuration after factory reset) I am able to join a Teams meeting through the device with the exact same video problems in Teams meetings. Audio seems to work pretty well in the "SFB" mode. (so the Teams video seems to indeed work to some extent, but nowhere usable)

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