Resource Account Creation Issues

Adam in DC
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Resource Account Creation Issues

This is not a Poly issue - but it definitely might affect Poly Devices.  I've stumbled onto an issue in my tenant - not sure if it's in others - where I am creating Room Resources and they are not auto-accepting meeting requests.  I troubleshooted this - and went so far as to review PowerShell scripts with Microsoft with no success.


And then I found the workaround.  Resource creation was not working correctly when creating the resource in the M365 Admin Console.  But if I created a resource in the Exchange Online console, the recourse was created correctly including automatic processing of meeting requests.  


So - something is preventing the correct provisioning of the resource depending on which console does the creating.  Not good and not documented.  It might only be in my tenant - not sure.  We are doing more with Defender ATP and Cloud Defender, etc.  So that might be the difference.  Don't know.  

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