RealConnect / OTD Exchange Integration up and down and up and down

Adam in DC
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RealConnect / OTD Exchange Integration up and down and up and down

Years ago, I figured out how to monitor the Exchange Integration of Group Series devices with the Exchange Room Resources and OTD.  I do this via SNMP.  


It's a blessing and a curse - and right now it's a curse because my inbox is being flooded with my room systems going up and down with their connections to their respective mailboxes.  It started this week - mainly in the evening - and in both my US and UK locations.  


I just placed a support ticket on this.  Wondering if anyone else is noticing this behavior.  If I simply stopped monitoring it - then I wouldn't know about it.  


I experienced something similar about 3-4 years ago and fixing it involved using the OTD logins rather than the straight logins on the Group Series - or so I recall.


One thing that comes to mind is Microsoft eliminating SMTP Basic Authentication.  I'm not sure if OTD uses modern or basic auth.  If it's basic - that's a problem.  


Also noticing that the OTD Portal is very sluggish tonight.  



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Adam in DC
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Re: RealConnect / OTD Exchange Integration up and down and up and down

Would be great to know whether this is something just affecting my org - or others.  


Follow up - every Trio in my office was disconnected from the OTD Calendar.  Rebooted each Trio (5 total) and each one reconnected with OTD Calendar.


Poly Cloud Status is cryptic as to what happened last night and doesn't really refer to the incident - but something else.  


Oct 26, 2022
Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Oct 26, 07:04 MDT
Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.
Oct 17, 08:36 MDT
Identified - The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.
Oct 17, 08:31 MDT
Investigating - We are currently investigating reports of slow page loads and problems with downloading software packages including lens dekstop.
Oct 17, 08:02 MDT
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