PowerPoint Present in Teams

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PowerPoint Present in Teams

Was disappointed to discover that PowerPoint Present in Teams is not supported on a RealConnect call.  Obviously, full screen sharing is supported - and that's what we switched to during the call. 


I did find a knowledge base article that stated that this feature is not "currently" supported.  Is this something that could change in the future?



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Re: PowerPoint Present in Teams


Welcome back to the Poy Community!


Teams allow different methods to share content. Three of these are identified in the Teams client as "Share your screen...", "Share a Window...", and "Share PowerPoint Files..." - also "Whiteboard".


Share PowerPoint Files/Whiteboard is not supported in RealConnect for Office 365/Teams. VTC participants will not see the shared PowerPoint/Whiteboard presentation.


As of Today, Only desktop sharing and program sharing are supported with RC.


If the client request to implement this Feature, please redirect them to their Poly sales representative / Sales engineer to apply for the Feature Request.


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