Please fix OTD Cloud + Pexip CVI

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Please fix OTD Cloud + Pexip CVI


MSFT changed teams invite recently and while poly CVI seems to work we noticed that Pexip does not despite the fact that its really the same invite. Please correct whatever needs to be done on back end to accommodate new layout.

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Re: Please fix OTD Cloud + Pexip CVI

Hello @Piotr-P 


This would need to be reported the usual way. 

best regards


Steffen Baier


If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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Re: Please fix OTD Cloud + Pexip CVI

Thanks for response


I tried logging a problem in the past and it was closed by first line as all i have with this license is community support. Could someone take it to correct channel? please

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Adam in DC
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Re: Please fix OTD Cloud + Pexip CVI

Another user here.  If you have a current maintenance agreement or license, you should be able to open a support call.  There's also a possibility that your reseller will have to open a support call on your behalf. This can add a layer of bureaucracy, but once you get the system down - it should result in getting to talk to the right person at Poly.   

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Re: Please fix OTD Cloud + Pexip CVI

Did this ever work?

When I tested OTD with Pexip a while back, I could not get it to recognize the meeting invites.   We then went with Synergy Sky.  I'd rather to OTD as it would be a lot cheaper.


In any case, we're using Synergy, if you have any questions about it.


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Re: Please fix OTD Cloud + Pexip CVI

it worked until recent change in layout of invites


Not to point any fingers BUT polycom fixed their own invite which works with otd cloud but pexip one despite being identical does not work and there is no join button on pexip meetings


Synergy is very expensive solution for this there are other less expensive options - OTD cloud was free of charge - couldnt be any less expensive but it stopped working

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Dan Hemsø
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Re: Please fix OTD Cloud + Pexip CVI



I know this a "old" post. But I have the same issue.


Invites with Pexip CVI is not processed correctly, the dial information in the meeting on the codec is seen as a MS dialstring:

Pexip CVI meeting invite



Poly Realconnect CVI:



So the Codec is not able to dial into Pexip CVI.


In the OTD portal, Pexip is not listed as a supported platform.

Any plan/knowledge for supporting Pexip CVI meeting invites?

Current work around is to dial manually.


As the Pexip meeting Invites is being processed and a Join button is shown it confuses the end-user



Please remember to answer as "Accept as Solution" if you could use the help.
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