RealAccess - Best Practices

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RealAccess - Best Practices

Here is the How to of RealAccess

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Best Practises for Using RealAccess

Real Access just displays what we pull from the RPRM and the DMA.  So effectively configuring the endpoints on the RPRM plays a major role in the ASSET in RealAccess.


Tips for Optimal Reporting


Configure your SIP URI correctly on the RPRM for Sip calls.

Configure the Site Topology with SiteNames to have a  Detailed report. 

Make sure Serial Numbers of endpoints  are acounted for.  

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Rob Perry
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Re: Best Practises for Using RealAccess

Question regarding site names.


If a Site Name needs to be changed in RRM/DMA, what wil be the result in RealAccess?


Will reports previous to the change reflect the new or old site names?


Thanks in advance

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