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Your automated test platform for validating Polycom customer rollouts and updates


With onPOINT™ , you can automate remote feature testing of your Polycom endpoints in enterprise and service provider customer deployments, including monitoring and diagnostics reports of test results. Testing can be scheduled or executed on demand to ensure consistent high quality operation of your communications solution. You can realize significant cost savings, improve your customer satisfaction and put your engineers to better use!



  • Accelerate deployment of new customers and upgrades
  • Reduce costs significantly through automated vs manual testing
  • Improve network quality, test more phones, and test more often



onPOINT™ is an automation platform that can test Polycom endpoints in a communications network. Beyond just monitoring the health of the endpoints, onPOINT can automatically run test scripts to ensure all phone features are working as expected.


Regular updates to a variety of network elements and endpoints puts a burden on your service engineers to test changes and roll out updates reliably. By automating endpoint testing, you can realize significant cost savings, improve your network and end-to-end solution quality and free up your engineers from hours of manually testing communications and features after the updates.



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