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SQmediator is an advanced performance management system for VoIP, videoconferencing and other networked services and applications, providing a real-time view of user QoE at each handset and enabling service providers or enterprise IT staff to quickly identify and diagnose performance problems. SQmediator collects and displays performance metrics directly from IP phones, probes, and other reporting devices in a dynamic browser-based web user interface with interactive charts.


Real-time QoE scores, performance metrics, and alerts



  • Collects and analyzes quality metrics from IP phones, probes and other reporting devices
  • Correlates data by customer or location; supports user-definable service metric thresholds and alerts
  • Secure, multi-user web browser based interface with real-time interactive dashboards

SQmediator collects and analyzes quality reports sent by VoIP endpoints, including select models of Polycom VVX, SoundPoint and SoundStation series phones, at the end of a call or at periodic intervals during calls.




SQmediator is an advanced performance management application that supports passive monitoring for VoIP and IP Videoconferencing as well as active testing for VoIP, Videoconferencing, DNS, DHCP, Web and Email. When used for passive monitoring, SQmediator collects, correlates, analyzes, and displays QoE metrics sent by Polycom phones and other devices that are capable of generating RFC6035 quality reports. By obtaining performance measurements directly from each handset, SQmediator provides a highly accurate view of call quality as perceived by the end user and enables network managers to remotely detect and troubleshoot many types of impairments in real time. SQmediator can correlate quality reports by location, and provides user-definable quality thresholds for key parameters and the ability to generate both SNMP and email alerts. SQmediator's secure web-based user interface supports multiple concurrent users.







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