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LiteScape Technologies products enhance Polycom VVX Business Media Phones create a seamless communications experience by integrating corporate data, collaboration tools, and desktop PCs. The power of LiteScape products lies in their ability to integrate the IP PBX with a range of critical applications such as Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, Salesforce.com, and WebEx.


LiteScape’s Secure Profile Management (SPM) software provides multi-factor authentication in combination with a Secure Personal Authentication Reader (SPAR)™  that is attached to the Polycom VVX phone. SPM facilitates a secure login to a Polycom phone using any combination of PIN, biometrics, magnetic card, and RFID. 



  • Increase Security – by linking an organization’s identity management system with its telephony infrastructure to provide secure authentication and policy enforcement through an IP phone
  • Personalized Access – enables users to receive personalized access to their communications applications and data, such as corporate and personal directories, on any IP phone within their network
  • Secure Mobility – SPM guarantees that users get access only to authorized applications
  • Maximize IT Investment – by taking traditionally distinct and separate technologies (identity management systems and PBXs) and make them work together

When combined with any 3rd party ID reader, SPM enables multi-factor identification and authorization through an IP phone. Security is increased by authenticating users in multiple ways from one device. SPM captures this information, validates it against information in an organization’s identity management system and then grants the user their appropriate level of access. LiteScape offers its own patented, multi-factor ID device, Secure Personal Authentication Reader (SPAR)™–one device can include barcode, RFID, magnetic cards and biometrics. Used as a ‘side-car’ to any IP phone, SPAR enables secure and encrypted exchange of authentication information at the edge of an IP network.





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