Polycom Employee

With two decades of innovation and over 800 technology patents that underline our mission to push the greatness of human collaboration forward, Polycom creates amazing solutions and innovative user experiences.  Polycom helps millions around the world solve complex problems, generate new ideas, gain deeper understanding, offer assistance, protect the planet, and save lives.


How we do it is tied to some of Polycom's audio innovations: 


  1. Acoustic Echo Cancellation (full duplex speakerphones, yet no echo)
  2. True Stereo audio (VSX, HDX, Group Series, Sound Structure)
  3. Live Music mode (Superior audio for music instruction)
  4. Selective Mixing (on RMX bridge, eliminates unwanted background noise)
  5. Clink2 (Easy plug/play attachment of audio peripherals, daisy chaining, connects speakerphone to videoconference system and more)
  6. Desktop and ceiling microphone arrays (Easy plug/play microphones with auto configuration )
  7. Keyboard Noise Reduction (Stops keyboard noises from transferring to audio and video systems)
  8. Siren LPR (maintains high quality audio under poor network conditions of up to 80% packet loss)
  9. EagleEye Director (emulates professional video production techniques in group meetings) 
  10. CD-quality audio on Desktop and Mobile clients 
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