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The top goal and biggest challenge for Human Resource executives in 2014 are one-and-the-same: quickly hire the best talent available to meet ever-changing business needs.



As the global economy continues warming up, companies are doing more hiring, the labor force is growing, and the competition for the most talented employees is hotter than ever. Many say the race for talent will only get more intense over the next few years, and companies will have to reach every corner of the globe to find just the right people to join their ranks.


This puts tremendous pressure on HR leaders to quickly source and recruit people from a talent pool that, thanks to greater worldwide access to education and training and a growing middle class in developing economies, is now global. If you are an HR executive, you are probably asking yourself these questions:


  • How can I get access to a wider talent pool?
  • How can I reduce recruitment time in a very competitive hiring environment?
  • How can I improve time to productivity ?
  • How do I retain our top talent when other companies are aggressively hiring?
  • How do I improve employee engagement and motivate a dispersed organization?


We understand these challenges as well as anyone else, and have some ideas on how to answer those questions.


Polycom’s  3,800 employees span the globe, and we are constantly looking for the best ways to find the best people, hire them and motivate them as one global team.  One of the ways we do this is through our ability to connect and meet with candidates face-to-face using our own video collaboration tools. We have a dispersed HR team that can connect face-to-face, 24/7 to a global talent pool. Thanks to our own voice and video collaboration solutions – which run on mobile devices, on laptops, via the cloud and in conference rooms around the world – we can quickly meet candidates, conduct interviews, hold internal reviews and make hiring decisions without anyone having to get on a plane. We’ve also built our work around our solutions, which enables flexible working arrangements for virtually all of our employees. The video format also improves candidates’ perception of our company and allows them to really engage with their potential new manager in ways that increase the likelihood that they will join us.

Watch this video to learn more about how our HR team uses our own collaboration tools to defy distance, hire the best, and retain talent in a competitive global marketplace.


After a recent survey of HR leaders in 12 countries, we learned that we share these challenges and opportunities with other organizations, of all sizes.  That survey revealed some interesting findings; one of the most important being that these HR executives believe that video collaboration will be their most preferred method of business communication by 2016. Read more about the survey findings among HR professionals here, and click here to download a free eGuide loaded with tips on how to better collaborate across borders and around the world.