Polycom Employee

Have you ever been asked or wondered: “Why does Polycom have so many conference phones and how do I find the right one for me?”  Well, there are a couple of very simple tools we have to make this easy. First, we have our conference phone selector tool.  It is a simple tool that asks a few targeted questions and helps you narrow down to just the right conference phone for your room and needs.  Looking for more of a side-by-side comparison between our phones?  No problem, just see our conference phone comparison tool to help you select the right tool for the job.


In the VoIP space, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked on a regular basis is: ”What VoIP platforms does Polycom work with?”  The answer to that one is simple.  Go here to the platform compatibility page to see a list of all the various IP PBX vendors we work with. 


And what if you are President Barak Obama?  What phone do you use?  Well then, the choice is obvious, get yourself the most reliable conference phone in the industry... a Soundstation2!


Obama SSIP - Picture1.png