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Another year begins at Enterprise Connect and we are already off with a bang.  I just sat through the Cisco keynote where Rowan Trollope showcased their new collaboration line-up from the desktop to the boardroom. Reflecting on the presentation, I couldn't help but think how proud I am of Polycom: we are really ahead of the game. 


How, you ask?  Well, the highlights from Rowan's presentation included a new room system with a speaker tracking system. From the demo I saw, the functionality is just like the Polycom EagleEye Director that we have been shipping for about 2 years (watch the related video). Likewise, he controlled the video system with a new "proximity" application that bears remarkable resemblance to our own RealPresence SmartPairing technology (watch the related video). Other demos included an on-stage installation of their low-end video system, which did look like it was easy to set up.  Finally, he talked about accessing the video conference room from a Web browser, which, once again, reminded me of Polycom innovations such as RealPresence CloudAXIS, which connects a video room to anyone with a web cam and browser; we announced availability of CloudAXIS almost a year ago.


And, for those who missed it, we announced a slew of new innovations back in February including low-cost, subscription-based collaboration software (watch this great video), virtualized software editions of our platform, and a new room system for Microsoft Lync.


Overall, it feels great to be in a position where we have all of our products in market - long past the headaches of version one - and being adopted by customers in droves.  It's great to see that the collaboration space is growing and that Polycom is still leading the way.


If you’re at Enterprise Connect this year, please come by the booth. We’ll show you some of our latest solutions! This year we are featuring:

  • Virtualized, budget-friendly, subscription-based collaboration deployed on industry standard hardwar... 
  • Group Series video systems with a host of new features including virtual whiteboarding, SmartPairing, SVC and a few vertical market use-case demos.
  • Polycom VVX Business Media Phone lineup that works both on our industry-leading open SIP stack as well as Microsoft.
  • The recently announced CX8000 Microsoft Lync Room System with the unique 360-degree camera view.
  • Content solutions such as recording, streaming and text-to-speech apps.


Our booth at Enterprise Connect this year.


What has caught your eye at Enterprise Connect this year? Or, if you're not at the event, let me know what's new outside of the expo walls!