Polycom Employee

ae-natarajan.jpgGuest blog post by A.E. Natarajan, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Engineering at Polycom:


Polycom has been and always will be a leader and strong advocate for open standards in the UC industry. We are a founding member of the OVCC, and continually drive for open standards with other companies across the industry.  One year ago this month, Polycom licensed the first open standards-based SVC implementation royalty free to the industry, including the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum (UCI Forum), to ensure adoption and industry-wide interoperability. Around the same time, industry analyst firm Forrester Research gave Polycom top scores in, among other areas, our strategy, largely because of our product roadmap and particular strengths in the categories of “UC integration” and interoperability.


Polycom applauds Cisco for taking similar steps today in making the H.264 codec freely available.  We believe that this will help ensure industry interoperability between new technologies, such as WebRTC, and existing video codecs and signaling, which is critical to protecting customer investments and broadening adoption and usage of video. Continuing with H.264, and eventually H.265, as the standard versions of video codecs is in the best interest of users of real-time and streamed video, the vendor ecosystem that serves them, and our industry.