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Yesterday two sites in Germany (it was 9:00 p.m. - these educators returned to school for this event), one in Kansas, one in Minnesota, one in Kamloops, British Columbia and seven sites in Alaska connected to Roxanne Glaser, Content Director at Whirlidurb to learn about 10 videoconferences that effect student learning. Roxanne shared teacher created collaborative projects, author interviews and content providers that are all aligned with curriculum. And, on the question back channel (TodaysMeet) the teachers shared their strategies for classroom management, student preparation and keys to student engagement. This Polycom Special Event educator training was 60 minutes packed with content, sharing and a few laughs along the way.


Thanks to Roxanne Glaser for setting the stage and sharing her expertise/knowledge, and to all our participating sites for sharing their experiences and skills. It warms the Polycom Education Team hearts to see videoconferencing connect across the globe to share and learn.

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