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Today Polycom helped to power the kick-off event for the 11th annual Read Around the Planet, the international video conference program that enables teachers and students around the world to celebrate literacy and reading. For this event, thousands of students from around the world connected with Former First Lady Barbara Bush, who was in-person at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum


The depth of questions and interaction is always incredible.  Here’s a sample of the questions the students asked former First Lady Barbara Bush:


Q: How did you support the President while he was on the campaign trail?

A:  We had 5 children – my job was to take care of them.  I did travel all around the country with him and had fun doing it.


Q:  Do you think technology like the iPad will encourage students to read?

A:  Yes, students have the opportunity to learn things they might not have had the opportunity to learn before.  She did state “but don’t play too many games”.


Q: What would you say to a student who struggles to read?

A:  Practice makes perfect, the more you read the easier it will become. 


Q: What do you feel was your most important job as the  First Lady of the United States?

A: I tried to do something good for someone every day. 


Q:  Who was the most influential mentor during your time as First Lady.

A: Helen Keller, she was my literacy inspiration.


Q:  What was your favorite fun activity as First Lady.

A:  The Christmas Season


Q:  What is your favorite type of book to read, fiction or non-fiction?

A:  I wish I could say non-fiction, because it would make me sound smarter, but I like fiction as this is a great way to relax.  I love reading and I read a lot.


Q:  What is the best advice you could give to children today?

A:  Be kind, love your family, do not use drugs, work hard and be a good friend.


Q:  How can we get involved in the presidential election?

A:  You can try and meet the candidates, read about each of them to understand how they think and encourage people to vote.  Get active young. 


Schools may get involved in Read Around the Planet through TWICE. For more information, please visit: www.twice.cc/read


Educators interested in participating in these fun collaborative projects should checkout CAPSpace, a social networking site for teachers interested in finding other classes for projects

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