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Yesterday 263 2nd– 4th grade students from New Jersey, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Montana, Washington and Ontario, Canada interviewed author/illustrator Laurie Keller about her book, Arnie the Doughnut. Arnie is a picture book about a doughnut that doesn’t know he’s supposed to be eaten. Laurie has been working on a series of Arnie chapter books, the first one to be available in June. Ms. Keller’s editor sent advanced copies of the new book, The Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut - Bowling Alley Bandit, to each class so they had a chance to read the book before anyone else. Ms. Keller’s books are filled with humor, puns and funny illustrations that keep the reader engaged in the story.


Here are some of the questions the students asked:


Q. What inspired you to write Arnie the Doughnut?

A. “I was inspired by a trip to a Krispy Crème Doughnut store where doughnuts travel along in an assembly line. I felt they looked like little characters just waiting to come alive.”


Q. Is it hard to draw Arnie the Doughnut?

A. “The hard part is drawing all 135 sprinkles because I know students will count them since I told you how many there were!”


Q. What is your favorite doughnut?

A. “I’ve never met a doughnut I don’t like!


Ms. Keller also answered a number of questions about the writing process and her illustrations.  Laurie Keller’s engaging books and illustrations always draw a full complement of classes, and a good time was had by all!


As our special events come to a close for the 2012-2013 schools year, I thought I should share how you can participate next year.    

 The Polycom Special Events are free for Polycom customers, and there are only 5 slots for each session. When interviewing authors, we follow the ASK Process:  Ask, Specialist, Knowledge, where the students read a book, journal, write good questions, and they interview an author or a specialist. 


The programs are popular and fill up in a few hours, so I’m giving you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with our programs: Registration opens on September 1st inside CAPspace: Collaborations Around the Planet, where also registration happens for Read Around the Planet and teachers can post their own collaborations as well.


Please feel free to post comments if you have questions about Polycom Programs.


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