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Today we had 90 degrees of separation between our participating schools in the Polycom Special Event: The Ultimate Gift with author Jim Stovall. The 90 degrees was a difference in temperature between our San Diego School at 70 degrees and our Bradford, Ontario school at -20 degrees! Over 150 students asked over 70 questions of Mr. Stovall and his inspiring book, The Ultimate Gift. Here are some of the insightful questions:

  • How did you choose the 12 gifts in your book?
  • Was it easier or more difficult writing this book with your disability (blindness)?
  • Were you always successful, or was there a time that you struggled?
  • Was this book based on your life?
  • What do you think is the most important gift?

One school also shared the class journal they created as they “lived” the gifts in their community, including raising money for a young man from Sierra Leone who attended their school, but was conscripted into the army. The money will be used to allow him to return to school as in “the gift of learning.”

Mr. Stovall has been kind enough to share his time twice a year for the past 8 years. It is one of our most popular Polycom Special Events, and today was no exception.

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