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21st-Century Learning article topics:


  • Education has evolved to include communication technology in delivering lessons - linking to subject matter experts within the classroom.
  • Innovative technology solutions are also adding value to lessons by making content more absorbing for students, particularly through virtual excursions.
  • Video opens a whole new world to educators and students alike, providing interactive collaboration with peers outside of their own school; learning new places, new understandings and encourage distance learning.
  • Video collaborations can improve student achievement - A study by Diana Newman shows "learners who participate in video conferencing have HIGHER SCORES ON COGNITIVE INDICATORS and are more motivated to learn not just the material being presented by also related topics".
  • Visual Teaching Alliance has shown "video improves learning by up to 400%".

Virtual Excursions - how Virtual Excursions can add value, relevance and subject expertise to a classroom:


  • How an event called DeforestACTION enabled students and teachers from across Asia Pacific to be part of an interactive video conference live from the jungles of Borneo. Over 10,000 students from across the world participated in this event which highlighted the impacts of deforestaction in the jungles of Indonesia. Students were able to share what their schools is doing to learn and stop deforestaction.
  • How students from across the world are learning about Australian marine biology, sea life, and the Great Barrier Reef through virtual excursions with ReefHQ Aquarium located in Townsville, Australia.
  • Rather than students watching a website and pictures of the Transit of Venus, they talked over video to a university astronomy professor at Charles Sturt University who had showed live images from their telescope of Venus as it transcended the Sun. They were able to ask questions, interact with the professor and the other students from Australian classrooms.

Professional Development for Educators

  • In Higher Education in India, many top-ranked management institutions, (such as Indian Institutes of Management) are providing non-residential interactive learning to educators as professional development.

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The video lecturers are very helpful to students like they they can reference lecturer at any time.    

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