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Video-enhanced learning is the essence of evolved teaching. Learners embrace video technologies and the results prove it. However, instructors sometimes see logistical IT issues as an inevitable impediment to connecting with learners. Administrators are conflicted. On one hand, they love the cachet of using advanced technologies in their curriculum, while on the other hand they fear the potential expense and technical complexities of robust media deployments.

Introducing affordable, scalable, anytime, anywhere learning. Connect your geographically dispersed teaching and learning environments instantly over reliable, enterprise-grade video powered by the Polycom
® RealPresence® CloudAXISTM Suite. Students can interact with each other and share content using any computer with a webcam, smartphone or tablet. You no longer need to deploy dedicated video conferencing equipment for your students.

Learn more! Read this complimentary infographic, Five Ways Polycom Forever Changes Learning. Your ability to reach and teach will be forever transformed.



To access the infographic:  http://response.polycom.com/LP=17538 


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