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This winter everyone’s been talking about the weather. And, the last two weeks over 200 3rd and 4th graders from Michigan, North Dakota and Pennsylvania have been studying weather. On March 18th the classes connected with Andy Campbell of LEARNnco for his Weather Science program. Students explored air pressure and its effect on our weather, discussed the water cycle, learned about the development of different clouds and talked about the formation of lightening and how to stay safe. Today students continued their exploration of weather by interviewing Elizabeth Raum and her Interactive Survival Adventure, “Can You Survive Storm Chasing?” Hurricanes, tornados and floods are all covered in the book and generated some of the following questions:

Have you ever been in a hurricane, tornado or flood?

How did you research storm chasing for this book?

How did you figure out the different adventure paths in this book?

What made you want to write a book about storm chasing?

Mrs. Raum and the students all agreed that weather plays an important part in our lives, and the students especially like snow days!

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