Poly Lens and Device Auto-Updates.

Paul Hargrove
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Poly Lens and Device Auto-Updates.

Hi Poly whānau,


I'm now using Poly Lens to manage an ever-increasing fleet of X series devices.

We run N-1 so I can test before approving new versions, but once approved, I want to select the version and have Lens push the upgrade at the next update window but it's not working.


It appears that to automate the updates I have to use "Auto-update with Latest Version" but then I'm forced to take the latest version.

If I want to select a specific version for the update, do I have to push all my updates manually?

Can someone confirm and if I'm correct - how do I open a feature request?


Paul Hargrove

Connect NZ Ltd.

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Dan Hemsø
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Re: Poly Lens and Device Auto-Updates.



I have the same approach for my setup.


I have set the update settings in device model like this:



Then I have created a Device group for testing new firmware, where I define which firmware I would like to test and add my test device to that device group.

Setting the "Update Window" make the device update at the defined time slot.


Remember to make sure the time i correct on the device

Also ensure that the devices is registered with Poly Lens under "Provisioning Server" on the device.



Please remember to answer as "Accept as Solution" if you could use the help.
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