Is there any way to EXPORT Lens Policies?

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Is there any way to EXPORT Lens Policies?



I have had a few instances where importing policies completely overwrote instead of merged with existing policies. Because of this I am interested in being able to export what I have already configured on Lens in the event something happens again and otherwise to just have a backup.


Is this possible or is there any future plans to implement this? I cannot find a useful export option. The only export I am able to find will only show the device group assignments and not the policies themselves.

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Dan Hemsø
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Re: Is there any way to EXPORT Lens Policies?


I have a simular support case open at Poly support. it all started with a Poly Lesn group lost it members.

It turned out that the changes in the Poly Lens group, was casued by an CSV import, where I added a devices to the Poly Lens group. No matter if I choose replace or merge. So from my point of view it is a bug in the import service.

I would suggest you to create a Poly Support using you Poly Lens Tenant ID as ref. You can get the Tenant ID from the URL in your browser.

This will bring more focus on the bug.


Please remember to answer as "Accept as Solution" if you could use the help.
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