[Software] GC8 Manual Update Requirement for Version 1.4 for MTRoW

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[Software] GC8 Manual Update Requirement for Version 1.4 for MTRoW

Hello all,


we released software 1.4 for the GC8 connected to a Microsoft Teams Room on Windows MTRoW.


KB Article 65488


Please note the below instructions:


Tech Alert:

GC8 Manual Update Requirement for Version 1.4


Products Impacted:

Touch Panel - GC8 Version 1.4 for the MTRoW



The firmware update process to the GC8 panel will take approximately 15 minutes from start to finish. During the update, the GC8 panel will show a black screen with no notification that it is updating. Since this update makes changes to the driver that operates the screen there is no way to visually show that an update is happening. During this time, it is critical to not unplug the power or disconnect cables on the unit as there is a risk of the device becoming unresponsive and requiring further factory restore or possibly even RMA.  Once the update is completed the device screen will come back on and will work properly.  



Typically updates would be pushed as critical through Windows Update and the device would be automatically updated, but since the GC8 screen will display black and show no signal during the update, we have decided to make this update require manual intervention. Windows Update is supposed to update devices outside of working hours, but in the instance where it updates devices during working hours, there is a major risk to the user experience and may result in users trying to troubleshoot behaviors directly related to the update that can be perceived as update failures. 


Customers will have two options available to update the GC8 firmware to provide the best possible outcome. 

  • Option 1: Poly will publish this firmware as an optional update using Windows Update requiring an admin to manually trigger the update from the Windows Update Optional Updates screen on the Windows Based system.

NOTE when you manually select the update to install using Windows update, the installation will show 100% complete, but the installation is not complete as that is a representation of the file download.  The GC8 will start the update after the file download.


  • Option 2: Poly has provided an individual download package via our support portal for customers to directly update the GC8 panel from a windows device. See the instructions for manually updating the GC8, below.


Additional Information

  • Driver version number: The new FW version for the GC8 is 1.4 for Poly and in Windows Update


  • Instructions for manually updating the GC8 - 


  1. Download the installation file, GC8_version_1.4_install.zip, from the Poly support site:


  1. Log in to the Microsoft Teams Rooms Conferencing PC as Administrator.
  2. Copy the file to the Conferencing PC and unzip it.
  3. Right-click the install.bat file and select Run as Administrator.

On the Conferencing PC, a command-line window opens, indicating that the update has begun.

  • Updating your GC8 in a failed state where the Screen is already black
  1. Power Cycle your GC8 or Factory Restore to get the GC8 back to a working state
  2. After your GC8 is in a working state follow the manual update instructions


  • How to identify the GC8 firmware version number. 
  1.       You can identify the current version of GC8 driver by using Device Manager in Windows
  2.       Open Device Manager>Universal Serial Bus Devices
  3.       Find Poly ULCC DFU or DFU Runtime
  4.       Open that device click on Driver and check the information



If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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