[Software] E70 1.6.0

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[Software] E70 1.6.0

Hello all,


we just released Software1.6.0-252081 for E70


NOTE: For G7500, Studio X70 or standalone E70 upgrade please ensure the camera is awake!


What’s New

Note: Poly delivers the Studio E70 1.6.0 software as part of Poly VideoOS 3.13.0.



For more information on Poly Studio E70 features, compatibility, known issues, and resolved issues see the Poly VideoOS 3.13.0 Release Notes on the Poly Online Support Center.


Poly Studio E70 1.6.0 is a maintenance release and includes the following enhancements:


Studio E70 Camera Fixes and Improvements

VideoOS 3.13.0 includes important bug fixes, which in conjunction with an improved error handling mechanism, intend to eliminate situations where the Studio E70 camera would need to be rebooted or power cycled. 


These improvements will directly help with issues on Windows-based systems, G7500 systems, and Studio X70 systems. Additionally, this release adds a retry mechanism to G7500 and Studio X70 system software. This retry mechanism works to recover a Studio E70 camera if it's not providing streams to the system and fixes deadlocks that may lead to the camera being lost by the system.


Between the Studio E70 issues and the fixes to the G7500 and Studio X70 platform, customers should not need to power cycle the Studio E70 or the system in order to recover from failures.

Timeout Error When Updating a Studio E70 Connected to a G7500

When updating a G7500 with a connected Studio E70 from VideoOS 3.12.0 to VideoOS 3.13.0, you may encounter a Studio E70 timeout error in the G7500 system web interface. After the G7500 finished updating to VideoOS 3.13.0, confirm the Studio E70 software version in the system web interface.


If you experience a Studio E70 update failure, ensure the codec and the camera are operating normally and then restart the software update process.


Release History



Release Date



August 2022

Maintenance release including connectivity fixes for G7500 and Windows PCs

1.5.0 Jun-22 Added People Framing (Preview Only)
1.4.0 Apr-21 Maintenance release
1.3.0 Mar-07 Maintenance release
1.2.1 Jan-22 Studio E70 certified for Microsoft Teams Room for Windows
1.2.0 Dec-21 Support for Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery
1.1.0 Nov-21 Maintenance release
1.0.3 Oct-21 Camera tuning enhancements
1.0.2 Aug-21 Initial release of Poly Studio E70 USB camera

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