Polystudio USB: RJ11 Audio In for Mics

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Polystudio USB: RJ11 Audio In for Mics



my name is Daniel. I´ve bought the Polystudio USB and it works fine. Now i want to use it in medium large rooms. I know for this setting it is not the best solution, but the video engine is good enough for this setting. But audio is the challenge for the built in mics. The expansion mic is the solution in the distance, but not in the range. My idea: wireless mics for every person. Now i want to go in the Polystudio USB with the audio signal via the RJ11 Input. Does anybody know a good adapter (RJ11 male to USB female)? I know, this solution is not a normal case, but have anybody an idea, if that works?

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Re: Polystudio USB: RJ11 Audio In for Mics

Hi @DanielGr 

I'm sorry to say this, but you will not get such info here. Poly does not even provide pinout for that cable nor does support extending it's range.

And that port is dedicated only for Expansion Mic, nothing else.


Your best solution would be either using Poly Sync 40/60 (maybe dual - two devices wirelessly daisy-chained) or some third-party USB solution. If you connect both to a USB hub, then you will have only one USB cable to your PC.


Just keep in mind, that each and every time you will have to manually choose input device for microphone (since Studio USB has both mics and speakers built-in, those will probably have higher priority when discovered by Windows).


Hope that helps.




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