[End of Life] Poly EagleEye Director II

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[End of Life] Poly EagleEye Director II

The EagleEye Director II camera system is being discontinued due to key components going end of life. This end of sale only impacts the stand-alone EagleEye Director II. Inventory has been reserved to continue supplying the Poly G85-T Microsoft Teams Room for Windows solution, as well as G7500 Poly Medialign.


Replacement products for EagleEye Director II opportunities that should be considered:


For Poly G7500 and Poly MTR for Windows: The new Poly Studio E70 camera offers automatic framing experiences designed for larger rooms. Please note that The Studio E70 camera supports camera framing from up to 8 meters vs. up to 10 meters for EagleEye Director II. If participants are further than 8 meters from the camera, the EagleEye IV and EagleEye IV USB offer 12x optical zoom, but without automatic framing and tracking.


For Group Series: EagleEye Producer uses the same HDCI connection as EagleEye Director II and works with the EagleEye IV camera for automatic framing experiences. Please note that EagleEye Producer is supported for camera framing from up to 6 meters away vs. up to 10 meters for EagleEye Director II. For a non-tracking camera, EagleEye IV 12x is also available.


For Poly Medialign: Customers or partners who require the GS 500 codec can use the Medialign a-la-carte option to select the right camera and other components for each meeting room. The recommendation instead is the G7500 Poly Medialign, which will continue to be available with EagleEye Director II.


Q: What is being announced as End of Sale?

A: The EagleEye Director II:

  • 7230-69420-xxx - Standalone version with 2 * EagleEye IV-12x cameras
  • 7230-69421-xxx - Standalone version with 1 * EagleEye IV-12x camera
  • 7230-69424-xxx - Standalone version base only

*Where xxx = -001, -002, -009, -012, -022, -034, -036, -101, -102, -114, -125


The EagleEye Poly Medialign with a RealPresence Group Series 500 codec

  • 7230-85990-xxx - Poly 65" Medialign with GS 500 codec
  • 7230-86000-xxx - Poly 75" Medialign with GS 500 codec
  • 7230-86010-xxx - Poly 86" Medialign with GS 500 codec

*Where xxx = -002, -022, -114, -125


Q: What is NOT being announced as End of Sale / End of Life/

A: Poly G85-T Video Conf/Collab System: Microsoft Teams Codec configurations

Poly Medialign with GS 500 TAA configurations, G7230-85990-001 (65") and G7230-86010-001 (86")

Poly Medialign configurations that use the G7500 codec


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