P15 has terrible audio with NoiseBlockAI for Incoming Audio turned on

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P15 has terrible audio with NoiseBlockAI for Incoming Audio turned on

I'm evaluating the P15 (firmware 1.3, lens 1.1.12)  for use in executive video conferences with Windows 10 and I've noticed that the incoming audio sounds terrible with "NoiseBlockAI for Incoming Audio" turned on.   With this on, the audio sounds as if its coming from a small laptop speaker.   I've seen this both with Zoom and with Microsoft Voice Recorder, so I don't believe it's a 3rd party software problem, it appears that whatever NoiseBlockAI is doing to incoming audio is over compensating and reducing overall quality.


I was concerned that the same thing would be happening with outgoing audio when NoiseBlockAI is turned on for outgoing audio, but in my initial testing, it doesn't seem to affect the quality of outgoing audio just by being on.   However, I have had mixed results.... It works great if I'm not talking and I start typing.... it mutes out the sound.    But if I'm talking and I start typing, it appears to struggle and my outbound audio sounds choppy, and ends up much worse that if NoiseBlockAI for outgoing was just turned off.     These tests were done with Microsoft Voice Recorder in Windows 10, so no 3rd party VC software was involved.


So overall, I'm finding that NoiseBlockAI works great for outgoing audio when I'm not talking....but if I am talking it has mixed results with background noise.    But when it's turned on for incoming audio, it makes for a very bad experience.  So I'm debating if I should have NoiseBlockAI turned on for outbound by default.


I haven't found any negative impact for Acoustic Fence.


Are others seeing this?


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Re: P15 has terrible audio with NoiseBlockAI for Incoming Audio turned on

Hello @jroback 


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I hope you already have tested the Poly P15 device with different laptops/pc.


Further, I would suggest performing a factory restore to P15 and then updating to the latest firmware. Please find the link below -:




In case the issue still persists, kindly raise a support ticket with Poly.







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Rahul Nautiyal

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