Voicestation 300 microphone

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Voicestation 300 microphone

The other end can barely hear us. It has always been pretty bad but since our move it got worse.

The room is a bit bigger but we are in an alcove so I do not believe that the room itself is the cause.

Anyone have any ideas on how I may solve this issue? The equipment is barely one year old. Thanks.

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Re: Voicestation 300 microphone

That particular conference phone only has an effective mic range of about 7 feet.  After 5 feet or so, there would be a noticable drop in volume.  How far are you from the phone?


Also, excessive background noise such as fans or even the HVAC system in the room can effect the echo cancellation on the phone which can limit the range of the mic below what it normally have.  You could try taking it into a different room and testing to see if you notice a difference.

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