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We have had issues with callers from outside our office not being able to clearly hear conversations (some have said that it sounds like we are in a tunnel or really far away).  We had the Polycom troubleshooted, updates installed and factory settings reset by a phone tech, but are still not getting the best range of volume from the phone.  We did get, strangely enough, better reception when an outside calller would use their cell phone versus a land line.  We have read the manual front to back, but are at a loss for what the problem could be.  Would great appreciate advise! 

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Re: SoundStation2W

This issue could be related to the phone itself or it could be an issue upstream from the phone (which is more likely).  The easiest to isolate it would be plug a known working regular analog phone (home phone) or butt set into the analog line that you are using for the SS2W and see if you experience the same issue.  


Where is this line coming from?  Is it from a carrier or is it coming off your PBX?


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