VVX phones and Cloud Voice Mail

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VVX phones and Cloud Voice Mail

Hello all, I'm hoping someone has experienced this already and can vouch for how it worked out for them.


The scenario is that we use SFB 2015 on-prem with Exchange UM (EUM) in the cloud (hybrid) and we use a ton of VVX 311s and 411s (various firmwares from 5.7.2 up through 6.1 as we are rolling through upgrades). As you all know if you use EUM in the cloud, Microsoft is migrating everone to their new UM solution called Cloud Voice Mail (CVM) as it is more aligned with Teams. We know we will lose some functionality (like Subscriber Access calling etc) but they have also told us that the Voicemail button on the Polycom phones will no longer work (it will busy out dialing into the new CVM). But contradicting this is our experience with users who are piloting the new CVM as the button still works just fine (and looking at cls records it all routes through the same edge system at Microsoft of exap.um.outlook.com). Microsoft seems to be refusing to verify this for us and just tell us they won't be testing "old" phones. I'd hate to tell everyone it will work and then down the road it starts to fail so that folks using just VVXs will no longer have a way to check voicemail.


Can anyone who has already been migrated over (with our similar hybrid scenario) verify how your VVXs still work or not? Or, anyone at Poly able to verify one way or another. Hilariously, Microsoft told us we need to use Teams-compatible phones even though we are still on SFB on-prem.


Anyway, any insight or personal experience would be greatly appreciated




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