VVX BToE Sign-In Issues with SfB On-Prem & Exchange Online

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VVX BToE Sign-In Issues with SfB On-Prem & Exchange Online

Background: 100 or so VVX201, 311, 411, 501, 601, Trio 8800 phones, SfB licensed. All phones running, and SfB licensed. Skype for Business Server 2015 On-Premisis with Office365 Exchange Online. Users login to their phones using BToE.


When our users attempt to authenticate to their phones using the BToE via PC sign in option, Skype for Business' Desk Phone Sign-In prompt autopopulates Sign-In Address in UPN format (user@domain.com), but populates the Username in SAM format (DOMAIN\Username). An example is attached. The username format obviously isn't good for our Exchange Online authentication, and causes a "WARNING: Authentication Failed. Re-Enter the password to access Exchange services" error to be shown on the phone". SfB functionality works, but no Exchange Integration occurs.


Microsoft has insisted to me that there is no way to get Skype for Business to modify this behavior, and recommended that I reach out to Polycom. Whether that's true or not, who knows, but If I prompt our users to change the username format themselves, then everything works fine, and Exchange authentication is successful. However, it's difficult to get our users to remember to change that every time they login to a phone, and given that Microsoft won't change the SfB behavior, I'm hoping to tackle this from the VVX side.


In the VVX logs, I can see that the phone is attempting to change the username on it's own:

"[EWS AutoDiscover] Retrying autodiscovery with 'JSmith@MYDOMAIN.COM' instead of 'MYDOMAIN\JSmith'

Despite this, it still fails, and the logs are not clear as to why. All of the AutoDiscover addresses used are correct, and I can see that the phone is definately trying to use the UPN format on it's own, instead of the SfB-inputted SAM format.


Is there something else that I'm missing on the Polycom side to allow the phone to try the UPN format on it's own, and have it authenticate successfully? A log from my VVX411 is attached, with my info scrubbed out of it. Thanks!

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Re: VVX BToE Sign-In Issues with SfB On-Prem & Exchange Online

Hello @ancaqua ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.


This was discussed in the past as you can see by the search results >here<


Someone posted a registry edit solution they tried as working >here<


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Re: VVX BToE Sign-In Issues with SfB On-Prem & Exchange Online

Thanks for the reply. I saw the Registry fix earlier, but disabling MAuth will break things completely.


I get that this is largely a stubborn Microsoft issue, but when I saw that the phone is at least trying to use the proper formatting, I had hopes that there was something I could do from the VVX side to make it work. 

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