Trio 8800 Office 365 integration

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Trio 8800 Office 365 integration

Phone: Polycom Trio 8800
Current software version:
Microsoft Platform: Skype for Business, Office 365


We recently purchased a Trio 8800 to try in one of our conference rooms. I plan to use this phone with Office 365's Skype for Business. I'm having trouble understanding how it integrates with Office 365 accounts. From the videos I've seen, it requires an E5 license. So I created a test account, assigned an E5 license, signed into the Trio, booked a meeting and everything worked as expected.


My question is, can this phone be used with an Office 365 resource? Currently our conference rooms are setup as resources. This allows us to use all the conference room features: accept/reject notifications, locations, room capacities, prevent double booking, etc. Microsoft does not provide credentials or allow you to assign an E5 license to a resource. If I change our conference rooms into users, we lose all the conference room functionality.


Do I need to create an Office 365 resource for the room, then a separate Office 365 E5 account for the phone? I'm hoping to avoid this because it will confuse our end users.


Any advice is appreciated.

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