[Software] Trio UC Software 5.7.1 Skype for Business

Polycom Employee & Community Manager

[Software] Trio UC Software 5.7.1 Skype for Business

Hello all,


we have released the latest Trio UC Software 5.7.1 bringing many exiting new features and new connectivity to the Trio Platform.


  • Polycom EagleEye Mini Support


New Polycom Camera


Introducing the Polycom Eagle Eye Mini USB camera



Key Benefits


- High quality video accessory for Polycom Audio Conferencing Solutions
- Control the camera (ePTZ) from Trio UI
- True color saturation and rendering
- Optimized autofocus
- Specially tuned for variety of lighting environments
- Versatile mounting options


  • EagleEye IV USB Camera Software V1.2

New Feature within the Trio UI Settings to enable Inverted Installation: Settings –> Basic –> Video –> Camera Settings –> Camera Orientation -> Inverted


2215-61727-001 Camera Mounting for Eagle Eye IV USB. Mounts on the wall/ceiling/flat surfaces thick from 22mm to 80mm. Dimensional details <here>


  • Polycom EagleEye IV USB Camera Firmware Updates from Polycom Trio Systems

Starting with this release, the EagleEye IV USB camera can receive automatic firmware updates from the connected Polycom Trio 8800 system. The USB camera must have firmware version 1.2.0-441 or later to receive and accept future firmware upgrades from the Polycom Trio system. Details => here <=


  • EagleEye Director II v2.1


The new release allows the Polycom Trio to be paired with a EagleEye Director II . Details => here <=


  • Relevant Feature Parity with the VVX introduced Features in UC Software 5.7.1 for Trio and additional Feature


Skype For Business:

Forwarding Incoming Skype for Business Calls,

Multiple Emergency Number Dial Plan,

Support for Siren7 Audio Codec,

Skype for Business Device Lock,

Support for Microsoft Exchange integration,

Direct Inward Dialing Number,

Web Proxy Auto Discovery


- OpenSIP:

Scheduled System Reboot

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Enable a scheduled reboot-->
<!-- prov.scheduledReboot.enabled Default = 0 -->
<!-- prov.scheduledReboot.periodDays min 1 max 365 default 1 For a daily reboot use 1-->
<!-- prov.scheduledReboot.time min length 5 max length 5 default "03:00" -->
<!-- prov.scheduledReboot.timeRandomEnd min length 0 max length 5 default "" 24 hour time format(HH:mm)-->
<test  prov.scheduledReboot.enabled="1"
 prov.scheduledReboot.timeRandomEnd="" />

Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol,

Assured Services - Session Initiation Protocol (AS-SIP),

Enhanced 911 (E.911),

Resetting Polycom Trio system to Factory Default Settings from Home Menu,

Remote Party Caller ID from SIP Messages,

Calling Line Identification,

Static DNS Cache,

Storing Thumbnail Camera preview Images to a Sub-Directory,

Phone Reset without Admin Password


  • Sandbox Feature

- SCEP Support for simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) for 802.1x
- Used to automate 802.1x deployment
- Auto generate device certs






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