Show subject in calendar Polycom Trio 8800

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Show subject in calendar Polycom Trio 8800

I've searched a lot for the polycom community about this but without results. The most similar article is this:


We have a RealPresence Trio 8800 in the lastest software UC version;, Skype On-Premise and Exchange Online.

I am trying to show the subject in the calendar, but the meeting organizer is the only informations that apears. 

I try to import this configuration file:

<TEST exchange.meeting.showattendees="1" exchange.meeting.showdescription="1" 
exchange.meeting.showorganizer="1" exchange.meeting.showsubject="1"
exchange.meeting.showmoreactions="1" exchange.meeting.private.enabled="1"
exchange.meeting.private.showattendees="1" exchange.meeting.private.showdescription="1"
exchange.meeting.private.showsubject="1" exchange.meeting.private.showorganizer="1"></TEST>

But nothing.

I download "" in Polycom Oficial Website. Insithe it has "applications.cfg" that it has configuratios about exchange.meetings, i imported it but still the same.

After import the files related to the exchange.meeting It doesnt reboot the system but with other configuration files yes.


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Re: Show subject in calendar Polycom Trio 8800

By default, subject is hidden on your Exchange Server for room mailboxes.  If you open up the exchange mailbox in Outlook, do you see the subject?  If not, run this againt the affected mailboxes.


Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity <mailboxusername> AddOrganizerToSubject $false -DeleteComments $false -DeleteSubject $false -RemovePrivateProperty $false

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