Polycom Trio 8800 Teams USB Issue

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Polycom Trio 8800 Teams USB Issue


We are facing issue during a Microsoft Team meeting when there is notebook connected to Trio 8800 through USB. Every 1 minute the mirror from notebook screen is droped. Trio return to "home" page on TV. Every time i need  click on "share screen" on People+Content IP software and return to meeting. Tried with skype for business and same problem.I cant share a power point file with this issue. Every time the screen dropped and i need to reconnect on People+Content IP. Tried with Cisco Webex and the meeting works like a charm. The issue is only on teams and Skype. Log file attached.


 Software :

- Phone Model : Trio 8800

- Call Platform : Microsoft Teams

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Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Teams USB Issue

Hello @IgorGcampos ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.

First of all, let me correct your statement. If you state the Trio is in Native Teams aka "Call Platform : Microsoft Teams" then the Trio would not be able to pair with a Visual+ as this is not supported.


So what I can assume, as you have not provided a backup, is either you are using RealConnect for Teams and/or Skype for Business in some form as this is also part of your statement.


What we can see in the limited logs is that the Trio is losing connection to the Visual+ and/or is rebooted multiple times. We can also see lost packets for the PPCIP application.


A couple of questions:


  1. Is this a day 1 issue as we can see the Trio was sold via Ingram Micro ( Brazil ) HQ back on 1/30/2020 so we assume this has been working for some time. 
    What has changed?
  2. What is the reference to Cisco Webex and how is this being used in conjunction with the Trio?
  3. Are you using the originally supplied USB cable or another longer cable?
  4. PC or Mac?

As you can see we cannot really try and support you from a professional point of view as we would need far more information than you could share via the Medium of a community forum. As a Poly employee myself I would be unable to provide free support either.


Other community members can try and help but if this fails please work with Ingram as they are your Tier 1 support and they can escalate this into Poly support.

In order to raise a support ticket, you need to work with your Poly reseller as they may need to do this for you.

End Customers are usually unable to open a ticket directly with Poly support. Available End User Poly services offerings are detailed here


Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier


If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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