Polycom Phones not signing into Lync 2013 after reboot. Possible Certificate Issue


Polycom Phones not signing into Lync 2013 after reboot. Possible Certificate Issue

UC Software Version5.9.6.2327


MAC Address64:16:7F:61:8D:C4


Phone ModelVVX 601

We have a top level domain and lync as well as polycom devices are on the internal domain. We also dont have a proxy setup, we are using Palo Alto devices as internal firewalls for different sites that are connected. The polycom phones exists in these different sites.
We recently upgraded our DC in the environment setting with DHCP servers setup with failover partners. 

Phones (with PIN sign in setup) that were online during the period maintained their connection. However once the rebooted they would lose connectivity. One work around was to sign in with a user account, and then sign out and sign in with PIN. Logs showed some information relating to certificates. However we not cannot sign in using accounts so that work around is now out the window. I suspect a certificate issue. Attempts to sign in end with the following in the sip logs 



1212230353|nisvc|2|00|Invoker's nCommands,CurrentKey:2,(106)Responder
1212230353|nisvc|2|00|Response(-1)nisvc,(-1),(-1)proxy,(1001)AuthRsp,(Expiry,TransactionId,Time,Type):(-1,978773852,1639314233,1)IndicationCode:(200) Success
1212230354|sip  |0|00|<<< Data received TLS
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    SIP/2.0 301 Redirect request to Home Server
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    Authentication-Info: TLS-DSK qop="auth", opaque="EA7A97D7", srand="E25AE29D", snum="1", rspauth="1b0b24e3fbe912220a69009f24c09ac267e88b10eb2dc18d118383e4df33bd47b676ab7d77d629c549127b0e359c8d8e", targetname="lyncserver.domain.internal", realm="SIP Communications Service", version=4
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    From: "94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9" <sip:94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9@domain>;tag=A546DC4F-C9CFF3EC;epid=64167f618dc4
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    To: <sip:94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9@domain>;tag=02A2E461B769FCC8B11FCCE38C74D8C2
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    Call-ID: 9a67509a92231a5ff10471e346618dc4
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    CSeq: 4 REGISTER
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    Via: SIP/2.0/TLS polycom_handset:63123;branch=z9hG4bK8b88fb97BF40774;ms-received-port=63123;ms-received-cid=8EFC600
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    Contact: <sip:lyncsba.domain.internal:5061;transport=tls>;q=0.7
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    Contact: <sip:lyncserver.domain.internal:5061;transport=tls>;q=0.3
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    Expires: 2592000
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    Content-Length: 0
1212230354|sip  |0|00|    
1212230354|sip  |1|00|MsgSipTcpPacket
1212230354|sip  |1|00|SipOnCommand: response 301,REGISTER fromtag :A546DC4F-C9CFF3EC toTag :02A2E461B769FCC8B11FCCE38C74D8C2
1212230354|sip  |1|00|SipOnCommand: response 301,REGISTER matches user 1 of 1 '94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9'
1212230354|sip  |1|00|signatureBuffer: <TLS-DSK><E25AE29D><1><SIP Communications Service><lyncserver.domain.internal><9a67509a92231a5ff10471e346618dc4><4><REGISTER><sip:94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9@domain><A546DC4F-C9CFF3EC><sip:94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9@domain><02A2E461B769FCC8B11FCCE38C74D8C2><><><2592000><301>
1212230354|sip  |1|00|TLS-DSK:VerifySignature Succeeded
1212230354|sip  |3|00|UA Client Non-INVITE REGISTER trans state 'callingTrying'->'completed' by 301 resp 10 timeout(0x42642b0)
1212230354|sip  |2|00|[CTrans::ResponseProcess] REGISTER NonInv reTrans ALREADY stopped in 'completed' state at retryCount 0 code 301, timeout=10 (0x42642b0)
1212230354|sip  |3|00|CTrans::ResponseProcess max CALL REDIRECT retries 7 reached
1212230354|sip  |1|00|CStkDialog::SetDialogState: Dialog 'id04c3153d' State 'Trying'->'Confirmed'
1212230354|sip  |3|00|CUser::OnRegistered Entry for call 0x395a7d0 with expires 0 ticks Transport 'TLS' inval Method 2 RROFO 0
1212230354|sip  |0|00|CUser::OnRegistered isSfbPstnFailoverFeatureEnabled: 0, isSfbUserInFailoverMode: 0, pPstnCall: (nil) 
1212230354|sip  |3|00|CUser::NewWorkingServer user 0 oldServer 0 newServer 0 expires 0
1212230354|sip  |3|00|SipOnEvNewWorkingServer User 0, old 0, new 0, expire 0
1212230354|so   |3|00|[SoNcasC]: Handling SoNcasFailOverPending now
1212230354|sip  |3|00|SipOnEvRegistrarUpdate User 0, index 0, state 0, expire 0, working 1 bIsOcs 0 prevIx -1 nStatusCode 480 isSfbOnPrem 1
1212230354|sip  |3|00|CUser::HasNoCallCallInState for User 94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9,Index 0, total calls 1 state 'SubscribeAddressBook' rc 0 of type Not Applicable
1212230354|sip  |1|00|removeContactUrlForO365User: O365Enabled='0' removeContactUrlForO365User='(nil)'
1212230354|sip  |3|00|CUser::HasNoCallCallInState for User 94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9,Index 0, total calls 1 state 'ServiceSoap' rc 0 of type Not Applicable
1212230354|sip  |1|00|CStkDialog::SetDialogState: Dialog 'id04c3153d' State 'Confirmed'->'Terminated'
1212230354|sip  |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog SetAddressLocal Config '94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9' <94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9@domain:0>
1212230354|sip  |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog AddressLocal set to Config
1212230354|sip  |3|00|CStkDialog::SetAddressLocal localTag set to ''
1212230354|sip  |3|00|CStkDialog::SetAddressLocal new address added of 1
1212230354|sip  |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog TAG 'EB12C7E6-AA4E7CFB' generated
1212230354|sip  |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog local addr '94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9' <94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9@domain:0> Tag 'EB12C7E6-AA4E7CFB'
1212230354|sip  |2|00|CStkDialog::CStkDialog exit 0x3976300 local list size 1
1212230354|sip  |2|00|CStkDialogList::CreateDialogObject localTarg usr '94f2b91f-a14e-46de-9b66-5951c29088f9' 
1212230354|sip  |3|00|Reg UAC Response: code 480 consecutive Attempts 676 baseTimeOut 10 maxTimeOut 180 exponTimeOut 180 randomTimeOut 98
1212230354|sip  |3|00|Reg UAC Response: code 480 new m_nExpire 196 m_nOverlap 0 Trans 0x42642b0
1212230354|sip  |3|00|SipStartFailOver 0
1212230354|sip  |1|00|CStkDialog::TimeOut500ms: Client State txn finished REGISTER (0x397668c), z9hG4bK8b88fb97BF40774



support info package is attached.
I hope information provided is sufficient, but do let me know if I need me know if more info is required

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Re: Polycom Phones not signing into Lync 2013 after reboot. Possible Certificate Issue

Hello @Pavel_S ,


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Re: Polycom Phones not signing into Lync 2013 after reboot. Possible Certificate Issue

Thank you @SteffenBaierUK,

You learn something new everyday.

I skipped the others as the issue seems to be separate from the common trouble shooting that I have done recently. 


Nevertheless our support vendor had a look at it and it seemed to be a certificate issue. I wasn't aware of this change before hand and so was attempting to trouble shoot it.


Certificate changes have been made successfully and phones are now able to sign in.


Thank you for your time.

I will review the FAQ as well for my own benefit.

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