Poly Computer Audio Connection UDP Error

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Poly Computer Audio Connection UDP Error

I just installed the Poly Computer Audio Connection and keep getting a "UDP Connection Failed" error. Here is the error log. My firewall on the computer is not blocking the connection.


  |                      Poly Computer Audio Connector                 |
  | App Version:                                                                  |
  | OS Info: Windows 10                 System Info: AMD64 64bit       |
  | Configurations:                                                    |
  | Errors (1)  Warnings (1)  NI_Icons (1)  NI_Msg (1)                 |
  | Playback (1)  Log (4)  Limit (20)  IPP (0)  exit (1)               |
  | PairMode (  Auto:1)  Passcode cache (1)  vdiSessionCtlEnabled (0)  |
[11/06/21:22:35:17]     |4| (btoe_keepaliv: 199) Registered network events handler successfully
[11/06/21:22:35:17]     |2| (       btoe.c: 306) SESSION SEQUENCE 1
[11/06/21:22:35:17]     |2| (       btoe.c: 320) Waiting for discovery thread to exit
[11/06/21:22:35:17]     |2| (btoe_network.:1093) Launching the discovery thread (PairMode: 1)...
[11/06/21:22:35:17]     |3| (btoe_network.:1170) Opening discovery server socket on port 2080...
[11/06/21:22:35:17] ERR |1| (btoe_network.:3734) bind failed with error -1/10048
[11/06/21:22:35:21] ERR |1| (btoe_network.:3742) UDP Connection failed. Please contact your Network Administrator. Application will now exit.
[11/06/21:22:35:21]     |2| (btoe_network.:2792) discovery thread exit ..... 
[11/06/21:22:35:21]     |2| (       btoe.c: 326) Terminating discovery thread
[11/06/21:22:35:21]     |2| (       btoe.c: 411) Cleared thread handles and events
[11/06/21:22:35:21]     |2| (btoe_win32.cp: 927) Recvd WM_DESTROY event
[11/06/21:22:35:21]     |3| (btoe_win32.cp: 447) Out of main message loop: Trying to close the udp/tcp server
[11/06/21:22:35:21] ERR |1| (btoe_win32.cp: 452) Error 10093
[11/06/21:22:35:21]     |2| (btoe_win32.cp: 480) Waiting for btoe_shutdown_event
[11/06/21:22:35:21]     |2| (btoe_keepaliv: 245) CEventSink::UnRegisterNetworkEventsHandler:245 Done
[11/06/21:22:35:21]     |0| (btoe_win32.cp: 532) ************ PBC Exited *************


I would like to use the software. Please help me.

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Re: Poly Computer Audio Connection UDP Error

Hello @ColinTheBoss ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.

Both the communities Must Read First and the FAQ reference the basic minimum information a

new or follow-up post should contain.

Your post does not contain this information so it is hard to try and help.


We do not event know what phone you are trying to use this.


UDP Connection failed. Please contact your Network Administrator. Application will now exit.


The error points to your firewall.


Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier


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